Along the Way

Sometimes the days already feel so full, yet feel incomplete without yarn unraveling and being stitched.  In order to bring forth anything to write I’ve gotta be crocheting or knitting, right?  Well, this still happens.


As long as I’m writing about sharing, I am also looking to become a better writer and blogger.

6F1A27F1-555B-4152-9CC0-8FA4639918CE.jpeg  Beautiful patterns that I get to read and weave are so fun and worthy of exhibiting, when I work upon them I often marvel at the wonderful wondering thoughts that inspired them in the first place.  What was the inspiration? Did they stumble on a stitch and go from there? Who were they making it for, who were they giving it to?  How can I learn to create?  How long will it take me to not only learn to design, but execute patterns like second nature?  Really, any advice will be greatly appreciated!

I recently researched crochet and knitting organizations and clubs- truly trying to sink in, embrace and get involved, you know, take it seriously.  Who knows what may become of this!

Crocheting and knitting is honestly the one outstanding hobby, besides writing, that I’ve not ever thought to give up and I picked this needle craft up late in life.  Don’t say it- ‘it’s never too late‘, yes, I do know this and remind myself of the many successful and unique men and women who may have been doing this since youth.  I do not envy them.  I am actually honored to now be a participant of a fantastic meditative practice, intense and colorful shopping trips, and being happy gifter!

Stay bizzy creating cozy, everyone!  Blessings!!!

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